22. 11. 2013

[Film title sequence]


Frame store

Gravity is made of Framestore. They had long time for 5 years. They planed 2 years and made 3 years. It was very nice. I will see a movie when I go to Korea.

I went to Framestore. And I met Simon Whalley, He is executive producer. He works to 15 years in framestore. He started as a PA(Production Assistant ) and is now in charge of producing “TOONED”.

“The making of Gravity” historic development in special effects.  He said “80% of the film is CG”. It was very nice.  It looks real. They shoot just face and action. And put the video to motion graphic video.

The main tools used were:

  • MAYA ( 3D modelling and animation)
  • Houdini ( effects )
  • Nuke ( compositing live film and animation  together)
  • Arnold ( rendering engine, if we don’t use this tools and rendering video, maybe we will take time 7000years.)

James Cameron says Gravity is greatest science fiction film ever made.

Techniques used :

Motion capture

  • Camera matching
  • Robotic cameras
  • Greenscreening

25. 10. 2013

Today I learned to David teacher. I was very happy. Because I miss David teacher.

David said, We learned about motion graphic. It was very fantastic.

We saw some video that were using motion graphic and we searched similar videos. I found Korean Ad. I decided I will searched only Korean video. This is today I searched.

[Music Video]

[Internet banner graphic]

[TV/Film Advert]

After search, we learned After effect program.

This is video edit program like premiere. On February, we studied After effect program little bit.

So we could learn easily. We made channel publicity video.

And we learned about Frame rates. This means speed of video.

For example, When frame rate is 3 or 5, it is look like CCTV. And Film frame rate is 24. But In UK, film frame rate is 25. It is difference. In Korea, it is 29.97. That frame rate is standard of global.