List of all resources needed


I will make animation. So I need editing programs. For example, Adobe After effects cs5 and Adobe Premiere pro.

And In animation, character is important. So I need drawing programs. For example, Adobe illustrator cs5 and Adobe Photoshop cs5.

Background music is important too. So I need sound editing and making programs. For example, Goldwave and Cubase.

So I buy that programs.:D

Download : FacilitiesList


form reference : senior give us


Logging sheets for Editing

  • What is it?

–  This document is Logging sheets for Editing. When I editing my film, I show this document.

  • How to use?
    1. First category ) Write each video time. For example, 0:01, 0:10, 0:50..etc
    2. Second category ) Write scene summary. For example, A boy walk on the street.
    3. Third category ) Record scene length. For example, If S#1 is 4 second. Record 4.
    4. Last category ) If this video catch my fancy, Write YES.


Download : Logging sheets for Editing

Research – Time adventure


  • Why research this video?

–  When I was young, I like spongebob so I saw this video. Researching Time adventure video, suddenly cross my mind this video.


  • Why research this video?

–  This movie is Jumanji. Though this movie, we enjoyed time adventure. So I research this video. 😀

< video copyright : >
< video copyright : >


  • What is Materials?

–  It is necessary to make a video. This is information used when making something. For example, If I make a video, it is necessary thing to make video.

  • What is Graphic?

–  Graphic include many meaning. Examples are photographs , drawings , graphs , diagrams , typography , numbers , symbols , geometric designs, maps , engineering drawings , or other images.

  • What different thing between Free Image and Royalty Image?

–   Royalty is a percentage of the profits from each copy of a book, piece of music, images etc. But If I buy Royalty Image, I pay money just one time. Since then, this is mine. No pay. In contrast, Free Image is just free. If I buy Free Image, I don’t pay money.

[ Image ]

Animation is made up a lot of Image. And Image make increase visual effects. So It is important to choice image.

[ Video ]

Royalty-free video sites.

[ Sound ]

In video, audio is very important elements. Audio make people’s feeling more. So sound is very important as well as video.

  • What kind of sound do I use?

–  I think time adventure is imaginary and dreamy story. So I want to arcane and unique mood sound. Something like a ” Under the sea”.

  • Where to find sound?

–  I will search free sound. That mean, I will search free copyright sound. Or I will make sound. And I will record my voice. Because I need to naration.

This site provide free copyright music. But It is impossible for commercial exploitation!!!!!

[ Font ]

Font have a copyright too. So I must use free copyright font.

※ Useful Pre-Production paperwork