Equipment List and Booking

[ Equipment List ]

Equipment list

[ Booking Detail ]


Download : Equipment List

Download : Booking form

form reference : senior give us and I made booking detail form.

Location Search

When I editing video, I need to working place. So I will rent.


  • Location : Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


[ Location Contract ]

  • Korean Location Contract Form

boodongsan boodongsan2

This is document that between landlord and me about lease contract. Thought this document, I use that office until finish the term of a contract.

  • English Location Contract Form


Download: Location Contract

< image copyright :>
<image copyright : >

form reference : I search this form in google site


  • What is Facilities?

–  This is installation, contrivance, or other things which facilitates something; a place for doing something.

  • Where do I shooting?

–  I will make animation. I’m shooting on the computer. So I don’t need shooting place. 😀

  • Where do I editing?

– I will editing from private office. I will rent private office.