Web page construction

What is web page?

  • A document on the World Wide Web.
  • Every Web page is identified by a unique URL.

Web pages include information as to the colors of text and backgrounds and often also contain links to images and sometimes other types of media to be included in the final view. We can use CSS to decoration web site which is referenced from within the HTML. For example, layout, typography.


Web standardization

Web browser can have a Graphical User Interface, like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera, or can be text-based, like Lynx or Links. If I develop web site, I must think browser. I must set same result about each browser. We called that is web standardization. If you don’t keep web standardization,  you can’t see each browser each  result. Very horrible thing. Maybe layout position will be changed and confused. It is very important. If you web developer, you must observe this rules.

Web conventions

Web developer between client make an appointment.  This means If client want to go other sites use hypIt is generally accepted that underlined words are links.



What is HTML?

  • Short for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • HTML is mark-up language.
  • HTML is a set of tags.
  • The tags describe document content.
  • HTML documents contain HTML tags and plain text.

What is Dynamic HTML?

  • Geographic location of the reader.
  • Time of day.
  • Previous pages viewed by the reader.
  • Profile of the reader.

For example, ebay, amazon site. When I bought electronic equipment that site and after  access, they show some electronic equipment or relation somethings. This is Dynamic HTML. Each client each site.

What is HTML5?

  • Fifth major revision of the Hypertext Mark-up HTML.
  • Intended to subsume not only HTML 4, but also XHTML 1.
  • HTML5 is Web Applications.

This is HTML and HTML5 difference.

html 과 html5 차이

HTML use <div> tags but HTML5 use tags. HTML5 make own construction tags.

What is XHTML?

  • Short for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.
  • XHTML is more extensible and increase interoperability with other data formats.
  • XHTML is HTML defined as an XML application.
  • XHTML is supported by all major browsers.

04. 11. 2013

After presentation, I was very lighthearted. Although it was very hard but WKC is very impress experience to me.

I learn many things like English skills and relation Media and Editing skills.

This experience is unforgettable memory. 🙂