27. 11. 2013

Google Search Tool

I put my website in Google search tool. If you search LondonLook in google, you can see.


<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”bAkj99lRhIlogARqKz7Q0bTfHaLqI4VU1tZgsytaLII” />


26. 11. 2013

Final evaluation

1) Was site successful compared to original plan?






– My original plan was just simple website, so I changed my all concept. And I chose, and made almost same.

2) It is fit for purpose?

– I think, If I have more enough time, I will put lost of information about fashion. One of my regrets is just put less information.

3) How about design?



– This is my design sketch. And I made same design. I put image slide in picture part. And this is my real home page.


My team member Dohee helped me. So things were going along nicely. So I made same design after planed.

4) Technical issues?

– I want to make video controller to use javascipt and I made!!! And I use Image slides and video controller and interactivity content.

5) How was your team work did you feel?

– It was very very good. When I felt difficult, my team member help me. And we helped each other. I like my team.

6) If you make again, what kind of part did you want to more careful?

– Study part. I want to give more detail information about London fashion.