25. 11. 2013

Today I finished my website develop. So I upload to everette’s server. He gave his own server.

This is his server. And I put my data in  here. So I can upload to server easily.


And this is my web site address. ->  http://everettajscott.com/dana/index.html

When I upload in server, I tested all browser. But video is not play in some browser like this.


Because I put my video in my website not use Youtube. So I should test all browser work well.  It didn’t see my video in Safari and Opera browser. I thought, and I found reason. It is video file format. Actually, I didn’t think browser type in video. I just saved only mp4 type. But Safari and Opera need another type like .ogg, .webm. So I encoding video type and I uploading my server.


After uploading, I tested. It works well! I was very happy. And This is result.

Test all browser

1) IE


2) Safari


3) Opera


4) Chrome


5) Firefox


6) Mobile phone


All browser work well.

Test W3C


I checked my website to use W3C program. They show some errors. But I think, this error is fine. It is just <a> tag error. When I tested in all browser such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE, it was fine.


I tested red color and black color to use NWAX  tool. As a result, It was okay. Color contrast was very heavy. So most people can distinction easily.




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