Frame store

Gravity is made of Framestore. They had long time for 5 years. They planed 2 years and made 3 years. It was very nice. I will see a movie when I go to Korea.

I went to Framestore. And I met Simon Whalley, He is executive producer. He works to 15 years in framestore. He started as a PA(Production Assistant ) and is now in charge of producing “TOONED”.

“The making of Gravity” historic development in special effects.  He said “80% of the film is CG”. It was very nice.  It looks real. They shoot just face and action. And put the video to motion graphic video.

The main tools used were:

  • MAYA ( 3D modelling and animation)
  • Houdini ( effects )
  • Nuke ( compositing live film and animation  together)
  • Arnold ( rendering engine, if we don’t use this tools and rendering video, maybe we will take time 7000years.)

James Cameron says Gravity is greatest science fiction film ever made.

Techniques used :

Motion capture

  • Camera matching
  • Robotic cameras
  • Greenscreening