19. 11. 2013

Today Do

Today I put my information to my website. When I put information, I had a small problem.

This is layout problem. So I felt confuse. But I solve my problem. It was difficult work to me.  I need more time to put information.

Today I finished Category 1. This category give information about London fashion. I put all information.

I used London Fashion week images. Inevitable, this images are not mine. So I write photographer in images.


Do you see middle image bottom? I wrote copyright. And STUDY category has Fashion week sub menu.

Yesterday, I took an advice about STUDY page. So I searched 2013 London Fashion trendy.

  • Dusty Pink
  • Red all over
  • Split Skirts
  • Turtle Necks

This is fashion trendy.

And I changed all name about images and css and javascript. Actually, I use just “school_test”,”school_test1″,”school_test2″ like this. But It is not good about name. And I arranged file. So it looks good.



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