18. 11. 2013

Today do

Today I made sub pages. Most layout was similar layout. So I felt easy.

I put some images and video. I used three video to Youtube. Youtube provide them video source. So user used their video.


So If I want to play Youtube video, I can copy this source and I can use. It is very useful.

And I made my image slide to use CSS.

I use lots of images. If I use images, I should announcement “alt” attribute. Because If image is not loading so it is not show, alt show instead.


You can see “burberry_store” text instead. This is alt attribute. So I was wrote all image alt attribute.

I made icons. This icon is linked facebook page and twitter page. I draw to use photoshop.

facebook twitter <- You can’t see this picture. Because I made white color. 😦

After made pages, I linked each pages. It was very hard work. Because some links open new page. So I write target. Target is “Do you want to open new page? or this page?” If I write “_blank”, it is open new page. In this instance, like a facebook link, twitter link, brand homepage like Burberry, Paul Smith.

Team meeting

Today We were very busy. Because We worked diligently. So we promised to meet online facebook. This is our team meeting.

face book

I have worry but my team member Zoe solve my worry. I will accept her advice.

During weekend, I develop layout all page. And tomorrow I will put another information.



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