Compression and video format

Analogue to Digital

Analogue to Digital, good example is camera. Camera changed analogue to digital. Because the analogue scenes is saved in digital. Do you know film camera? This is good example about Analogue to Analogue.  However nowadays camera is digital. If you take a picture to use camera, Camera put real images. But camera has a big problem. They put high quality video such as 24fps or 29.97 fps. If you has 16G memory, maybe you don’t save lots of video. Because high quality video  has lots of size. So we compressed video. If we save uncompressed video, it would be 7GB per minute, 420GB per hour.


Co means Encode. Dec means Decode. A codec should not be confused with a coding or compression format or standard. Codec is a format is a way of storing data while a codec is a program which can read or write such files. Codec help to be a compression. And If you play video, it is decoding. There a lots of video, so you should compress video.

  • ProRes
  • H.264

We can choose Codec. When capturing to a camera, we do not use H.264. Because it is not good quality. So we use a codec like ProRes. ProRes is Apple codec. Apple use this codec. It is very very good quality codec. H.264 is highly compressed and not designed for editing. H.264 is a camera and distribution codec. It’s highly compressed, it means that the files are small. So H.264 is normal codec for displaying video on screen.

If you use codec in browser, you should check what browser support codec.

When you are film maker, all at video has been encoding using codec. You can import and edit video to use this program.

  • After Effect
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Premiere
  • AVID

Video format

We should know difference between file format and codec. File format is video container. It means, file format include video, audio, metadata, and codec.  They contain like a box.

  • AVI – MS file format, terrible format.
  • MP4
  • MOV – apple by file format(quicktime)

AVI cannot contain H.264 codec. And MP4, MOV can contain H.264 codec. So MP4 and MOV are best file formats. As a result, file format contain everything.


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