16. 11. 2013

Start to Develop my website

1) Before start to develop my website, I choose web-authoring tools.

  • Dreamweaver
  • Editplus
  • Notepad++ -> Everette make us know. It is similar window notepad. Good program tool.

This list is my web-authoring tool  candidate. And I decided to use Editplus. Because When I started programming, My first tool was Editplus. So It is more used to me. And Edit plus provide dual window.  It means, I can divide two window. One is html file and other is css file. So I can work together. Like this.


I like this function. Because it is very comfortable.

2) Design Logo

Logo is important to website. It looks like face. I have lots of candidate about logo design. My team member made it! 🙂

logo0 logo2 Logo

I have three logos. But I choose first one. Because it is more luxury and lovely.

3) Layout

layout is very very  important. When I develop web site, I fill color to check layout. Like this.


Why? Because it is more easily to check layout. If I didn’t like this, my content is overflow. 😦 So, I must to do.

Today Do

Today I made first page( index.html ) and some category pages. First, I set search engine to use <meta>tag. If user search word such as “Fashion”, Search engine find <meta>tag. And show user.


If I write like this, If user search fashion, london, fashionweek etc.., my website show them.

And I write charset too. This means, What kind of character do you use? I choose “UTF-8”. This is normal kind of character.

I made image slide, it is very lovely. I used javascript and css. This is show about my website content like preview. And this slide put first page.

And I made each category pages. And decorate design and put right position. Actually, this work was very hard to me. But I settlement. I felt really great.


This is my progress bar. And I start now. I will do my best.


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