14. 11. 2013

Checking with Team member 1

Checking with Team member 1
I saw my changed plan with my team member. So team member comment me. My team member said, it is more easy to you. Because you are interested in London fashion. They advice to me. Linked facebook and twitter. Because nowadays trendy is linked own SNS to their website. So I will add SNS linked service to my website. I will made facebook page that name is LondonLook.

Search information about category 1

Category 1 information is about study. So I searched about fashion school in London, about London fashion week and fashion museum in London.

1) Fashion school in London

  • London College of Fashion


Famous fashion designer Jimmy choo and Linda bernat went to this school. This school is one of the best about famous in Europe.

LCF website http://www.arts.ac.uk/fashion/

  • Central Saint Martins

This school has turned graduated famous people such as Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane. They gone a major field of fashion.

CSM website http://www.arts.ac.uk/csm/ 

  • University of Westminster

Also one of the top about fashion universities. Through fashion process, great fashion executive was born. There are Burberry’s chief creative director Christopher Bailey and world-renowned designer Vivienne Westwood.

University of Westminster website http://www.westminsterfashion.com/

2) London fashion week

I can get information about fashion week in this site.


3) Museum



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