13. 11. 2013

Mood board


This is my mood board.  I use red color and black color. Most people think, red color gives passion. Red makes more fashionable. And When red color and black color mixed, that colors make luxury mood. And London typical is red too. So I use red and black.



This is my new category.  My website has three category.

  • STUDY : This category give fashion study information such as school, fashion-week, museum. If you are interested in fashion, or If your major is fashion, you can lots of information about London fashion. If you are student about fashion, this category will be useful for you.
  • BRAND : If you are interested in London clothes brand, you can see London brand in here. This category show lots of images. For example, pictorial. So you can study clothes design.
  • STREET : This category show four season about London fashion. If you don’t know London street style, you can see easily. If you want to be a fashionista, you can reference this category. You can be a fashionista, if you see this category.


CYMERA_20131114_114329 CYMERA_20131114_122049  

This is my storyboard.



슬라이드2 슬라이드3 슬라이드4


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