11. 12. 2013

This is my changed plan.

  • Target : International student who like London fashion, International student who are majored in fashion
  • Second target : Student parents or fashion professor or fashion designer
  • Purpose : Student who are interested in London fashion and Student who learned about London fashion. Student to be a fashionista.
  • Goal : To give information about London fashion quickly

About target

Before I came in London, I searched about London fashion. But I can’t get real information about fashion. So I asked my friends who have been in London. Laboriously, I got information.

Most students are interested in fashion. If they go to study to another country, they want to be a fashionista for another country like me.

This website gives useful information about London fashion.

Website concept

My website concept is luxury. I will use black and red color. Red color give luxury mood.

And I will make folder menu style. This means  this is not just website, this website is like a fashion folder.

Website name

My website name is LondonLook.

LondonLook has two means. One is Looking London and one is London style look.

New Timetable

My plan was changed. So my timetable also changed.



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