11. 11. 2013

Feedback 1

Today, Sheila, Petter and friends talked feedback to me.

–       Site map : good category

–       Target : boring ( To wide scope target )

–       Color : Why you use green? ( Park color – green )

–       Website design : Hand drawing is good but very general.

I though, it was good site to me? Just boring? So I decided to talk with my team about my plan.

Team meeting 1

Today, our team has a meeting. We talked about our title.

After presentation, we thought. This idea is not good..

So we decided to change our plan.

First, Zoe narrow target range. Her concept is cheap price information about survival in London. But she don’t know how to set category. So we helped to set category.

And Doris didn’t chose her website concept. So we did brainstorming. Suddenly, she came up with good idea. Park! London park. We thought, brainstorming is good work to think idea.

And me, I was changed target and design and title. Actually, all plan was changed. I thought, what is my interest part about London? And fashion is my best interest part. So I decided to make a fashion web site.

As a result, through this team meeting, our plan was changed. The first team meeting was best. 🙂


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