05. 11. 2013

Today, I researched some web site.

Web site research

1 ) Meritz site ( http://merrydoll.co.kr/ )


This website target is children. Because it looks like world of toys. They use blue color. And that makes user friendly and closely. But my website target is not children. They are student. I will refer this graphics.

2) Angelinus ( http://www.angelinus.co.kr/ )


This website is Korean cafe website. This website target is cafe user. That website concept is giving warm mood. Character is cute. But it is not fit my website. My website is not exist about character.

3) lookbook site ( http://lookbook.nu/ )


this website target is user about fashion. They like fashion. So this site give information about fashion. So picture is main. Very simple design site. They use black and white color. It looks like blog. I don’t want to make my web site looks like blog. So this web site  is not enough.

4) PARKJUN BEAUTY LAB ( http://www.parkjun.com/ )

박준This website will be motive about my website. I like that picture. It looks like icon. My website target is all world student.Toilet icon know everyone.  I will use icon picture to talk them. It is good idea. And this is one page. I like one page. Because this is more funny than general website.

Mood board


Green color makes feel fresh and relaxation. And Blue makes feel confidence and trust. User can believe my website information. So they can enjoy well. Light gray is not uncomfortable.

Website concept

Main page show London map. And show some tourist attraction near school. This site is for student who come to study. So they should know about London map.
And I will use cute picture. Because normally information site is very boring. I will change information site design style. Cute and using Illustrator picture is my concept.


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