04. 11. 2013

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Our web site big target is student who came to study English like me. So we adjust design and information for our target.

About my web site

  • Team member : Ahyoung, Dohee and me
  • Purpose : Essential information for survive
  • Goal : Communication with user and Update every week
  • Main information is about school and house and food and transportation near by school. Of course we will put the information about culture.
  • Target :  International student who don’t know London. They want to enjoy London before starting class.
  • Second target : They parents and teacher and somebody interested about London

More detail about Target

I think, web site target is very important to web developer. Web developers have to understand what users want.

My target is  International student who don’t know London like me. Their age is high school student to university student.

And they should have to international student card. Because if they have international student card, they can discount something.

I will give information about discount price and normal price too.

They don’t have enough experience about abroad. So they feel fear and unfamiliar.

But they are smart and high level student. Maybe they can understand about London easily.

My web site will give confidence to them about abroad.

Why will people visit my site

Because they are student. They need a simple information around school. For example, restaurant and home.

And they want to know their culture. So user can  adapt to London easily. They are student. They want to enjoy something.

This site give information about pub and club. So they enjoy well.

Our site goal is just one. User would enjoy London about food and entertainment and culture.

Access web site

I will make web site which is fit all device.This means, someone access my web site to use mobile phone or computer,

they can see right lay-out such as google. So If I have enough time, I will make two version like mobile version and PC version.

Maybe mobile version doesn’t have lots of images. Because images loading speed is not fast in mobile.

How will you decide if you have a successful website

I will check counter. You can see visitor count function in blog. And I can add pop-up survey function. So If visitor access my website, I can know survey number. Successful website has many user. This means, User come to successful website a lot.




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