24. 10. 2013

Today I studied about CSS. Of course, I know CSS but when I search, I learned that I don’t know. CSS has many charming.

This is today I searched.

==============Study Note==============


CSS is short of Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is language of design decorated HTML.

Why web developer use CSS?

CSS adds design to HTML documents. HTML is just whole structure about web document. This means HTML is just content. So CSS helps us create web site that looks like real web site. For example, like this page which you are seeing.  In the past, HTML includes design elements. For example, <font> tag, <b>tag or <i>tag. If I use <b> tag, text is bolding. And If I use <i> tag, text is slanting. That time all layout and design information were input to HTML document. What a terrible happen.  As a result, HTML document meaning was changed. HTML basic intrinsic merit disappeared. HTML became a design document. So W3C made CSS. They divided design part and content part and their purpose was making HTML to structural documents.

CSS is helping layout, background and text disposition make more detail setting than HTML. And If I change <h1> tag design, all designs of<h1> tags would be changed.  You don’t need to change each <h1> tags. CSS is very comfortable. Because of divided CSS file, between web developer and designer cooperative work become easily. CSS isn’t able to do work in the old browser(explorer 6 or 7) version.

CSS3 is the latest standard for CSS. And it is completely backwards-compatible with earlier versions of CSS. So very similar. CSS3 add a lot of function. For example, Backgrounds and Borders or Text Effects or Animations etc. Actually CSS3 is not finish developing. It is developing now. However many browser use CSS3.


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