23. 10. 2013

Today I learned Dreamweaver to Sheila. Dreamweaver is very good program. Why I didn’t use this program.
First we made root folder to save html file. We learned first homepage name must save index.
Index means this is first page. This is just promise. So we keep this rule.
Next we learned how to make new file in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver gave basic form to user. But we use <none> form.
Teacher said, that difference is mobile or web. We can select kind of develop.
And we tried to make web page. It was very fun to me. I made looks like a shopping page.
When I made shopping site, I found three useful function.
Dreamweaver coding parts divided three. One is just code part, one is split, and one is just design.
We can hard coding at code part. Split part can do both work. We can hard coding and design both. This part show result quickly. So very comfortable. Last design part, this part can use just mouse. We can make homepage easily.
That parts have each strong point. We can choose when we develop feeling comfortable.
I used design part and split part. When I insert image, I use design part and when I write something, I use split part.
After made homepage, Sheila taught CSS. CSS wear design to web page. We tried to change text color. It was easy. Just click and choose color. If I hard cording CSS, Maybe I use <div>tags and make class to change text color. It felt difficult but today I learned easy way.
And I made some hompages. I made fanpage and Korea imformation web page. Today class was very useful.
Funny Dreamweaver 😀



This is three coding way. You can choose one.


This is split example. If You write Test, you can see your result right now. I like this function.



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