Today After a long time, We met Sheila. Sheila informed about our assignment brief.

She said we will make each web site. And this web site is giving information about London to young people who doesn’t know London well.

Before we develop web site, we must know web Authoring and we should understand about basic of web.

So first our purpose is understanding common web coding protocols. In the class, Sheila was described about main protocols of web.

Sheila said “HTML language is using American English”. So we promised to use American English.

I will use American English when I write documents.


And this is my brief.

< My Brief >

1) Web page

  • web page construction ( text, fonts, color, images, tables, hyperlinks )


  • nature of HTML and XHTML
  • features of HTML and XHTML
  • how to use HTML and XHTML

3) Cascading style sheets

  • nature of CSS, features of CSS, how to use CSS

4) Terminology

  • authoring


=============== TO DAY LEARNED ===============

Web page construction 

  • HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language )
  • WWW ( World Wide Web )
  • Hyperlinks ( Images, Links, Text )
  • Static and Dynamic website
  • Header
  • Sidebars
  • Menu
  • Content
  • Footer




  • jpeg ( most suitable for photographic images that have millions of colors )
  • png ( originally meant to replace the GIF but is not always supported by all browsers )
  • gif ( format that saves the file using 256 8-bit colours and is compatible with all browsers )
  • Tables ( But Nowadays, It doesn’t use. If I want to make table style, we use CSS )


  • Images
  • Links
  • Text


  • PHP ( Widely-used general purpose scripting language )
  • FTP ( File Transfer Protocol )



Today document : teaching


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