20. 03. 2013

Pre Production Report

I made Sci-fi opening sequence for children.

Two highlight things in opening sequence make people feel interested and enjoyable.

I thought ‘ What element can feel children interested?’. I decided my opening sequence concept and I plan to make about future undersea city. Undersea city was enough to feel children interest.

Before making opening sequence, I searched many legal related with media like copyright.

And I calculated my production budget. Even I learned many software skills in order to make opening sequence.

In earnest start to making opening sequence, I drew all characters and made video using that characters.

In video, sound is very important elements. Because Sound make people’s feeling more.

So I decided to carefully chose my opening sequence background sound.

At first I searched many free sound about sea mood and mysterious mood.

However it doesn’t catch my mind. It was hard to search free sound.

After few minute, I realized searching sound is very hard way. So I composed sound using garage band in Mac.

Actually I’m afraid to making sound. But garage band gave me too many basic sounds and I mixed that sounds.

I heard a lot of sounds and finally I made sound suited my opening sequence.

Add sound in my video, it was more funny better than. I felt “Don’t be afraid. Try again and again.” And I finished my production.

When I started this production, using English was very hard to me.

However listening English class and often using English, I felt more familiar about English. And Searching many media relevant things was increased my basic knowledge. It was good experience to me.


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