21. 02. 2013

Today Sheila’s  class was very fun and interesting. We made our music using iMac GarageBand.  It was amazing. I couldn’t think that I will make music. Editing music , I thought that I can make it. It was very fun time.캡처


Today I started video production in earnest . At first glance video edit seemed easy. However It was very hard. So I needed some help. My friend “Sori” helped me. She taught several editing skills to me. I saw that she looks like angel. Thanks to, I made video more easily.

Also I drew my background image using adobe illustrator program.



This image shows environmental pollution of city.  And story is started.

When I editing my video, I felt something problem. problem was picture quality. picture quality is very low. So I increased background images. But it was same. So  I increased background images more. Then, better than before. 😀 b


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