After drawing mindmap, In earnest I sketch my idea storyboard.

2013-02-17_19-02-27_644 2013-02-17_19-04-11_491

S#1 ) A boy walk on the street. The street is very dirty. And city is polluted by something. And a boy kick  trash.

S#2  ) A boy found hydrant. And a boy kick hydrant too.

S#3 ) Suddenly, hydrant burst. And water spurt!!

S#4 ) Continuously water spurt. And be full of water. However, a boy can’t swim. A boy sink.

S#5 ) In water, a boy found bright something. And a boy close his eyes. ( fade-out )

S#6 ) A boy recover consciousness and hear strange language.

S#7 ) Open his eyes, there are many people around him. Their face is very different with him. A boy think “where is here?”.


S#9 ) Show undersea city landscape. There are flying car and quite strange building.

S#10 ) A boy and girl play and talk. A Boy use strange language.

S#11 ) A boy drive flying car.

S#12 ) (fade – out ) Let’s adapt in the undersea city.

S#13 ) From now on, Start exploration undersea city.

[ Unnecessary Storyboard ]

I didn’t choose this storyboards. Because First storyboard is very simple and no impact. And Second storyboard is overlap other friend. 😦


First idea is dream trip!! One girl take an examination about history & future. She got a F score. At night she go to sleep.

She have a dream. In dream she show three house. One house is past , another house is future, the other house is present.

She visit each house and learn each culture.  And next day , she take an examination one more time. she got a A++ score!!


Second idea is game trip! I’m inspired by the Jumanji movie.

Two girls playing board game. Then two girls enter the game!  They throw dice.  And move that number.

If one person caught in a trap go to past or future. But if mission success, comeback game.


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