Regulatory body

  • What is Regulatory body?

–  A regulatory agency is a public authority or government agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over some area of human activity in a regulatory or supervisory capacity.

  • When I make video, what I careful thing?

    • Strong Language / Gestures
      • Any other which may offend
    • Sex
      • Sexual content
      • Sexual innuendo / reference
    • Violence
      • Real life
      • Involving children
      • Sexual violence
    • Imitative behavior
      • Drug / solvent abuse
      • Other potentially dangerous behavior
    • etc
  • Regulatory Agency

–  Korea Media Rating Board ( 영상물 등급 위원회 )


[ Matters that Require Attention ]

  • Korean Matters that Require Attention


When I make video, I must carefully that element.

If my film pass Matters that Require Attention, “Korea Media Rating Board” spend below image.



  • English Matters that Require Attention

나의 위험 요소 나의 위험 요소 2

< image copyright :>
< Matters that Require Attention copyright : >

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