What is Funding?

  • What is Funding?


–  Fund is a money that is set aside for a particular purpose and organization needs or has. Fund has profit purpose.

  • Why need funding sources?


– If I make a film, I need much money. Because  I need to expensive equipment and many something. However most director have not a lot of money. So they borrow the money in support organization. For example, movie studio.  When you starting movie before, you always see that logos. This mean the movie studio support that movies.

  • How can I borrow the money in movie studio?
    1. First, Movie director show script to movie studio.
    2. If movie studio is satisfied with script, they sign a contract.
    3. And movie studio support money. Success!! 😀
< reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fund >
<image copyright : http://www.flickr.com/photos/howardlake/>
<image copyright : http://www.bestgeekblogever.com/my-favorite-movie-studio-logos/logoheaders/ >

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