27. 11. 2013

Google Search Tool

I put my website in Google search tool. If you search LondonLook in google, you can see.


<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”bAkj99lRhIlogARqKz7Q0bTfHaLqI4VU1tZgsytaLII” />


26. 11. 2013

Final evaluation

1) Was site successful compared to original plan?






– My original plan was just simple website, so I changed my all concept. And I chose, and made almost same.

2) It is fit for purpose?

– I think, If I have more enough time, I will put lost of information about fashion. One of my regrets is just put less information.

3) How about design?



– This is my design sketch. And I made same design. I put image slide in picture part. And this is my real home page.


My team member Dohee helped me. So things were going along nicely. So I made same design after planed.

4) Technical issues?

– I want to make video controller to use javascipt and I made!!! And I use Image slides and video controller and interactivity content.

5) How was your team work did you feel?

– It was very very good. When I felt difficult, my team member help me. And we helped each other. I like my team.

6) If you make again, what kind of part did you want to more careful?

– Study part. I want to give more detail information about London fashion.

25. 11. 2013

Today I finished my website develop. So I upload to everette’s server. He gave his own server.

This is his server. And I put my data in  here. So I can upload to server easily.


And this is my web site address. ->  http://everettajscott.com/dana/index.html

When I upload in server, I tested all browser. But video is not play in some browser like this.


Because I put my video in my website not use Youtube. So I should test all browser work well.  It didn’t see my video in Safari and Opera browser. I thought, and I found reason. It is video file format. Actually, I didn’t think browser type in video. I just saved only mp4 type. But Safari and Opera need another type like .ogg, .webm. So I encoding video type and I uploading my server.


After uploading, I tested. It works well! I was very happy. And This is result.

Test all browser

1) IE


2) Safari


3) Opera


4) Chrome


5) Firefox


6) Mobile phone


All browser work well.

Test W3C


I checked my website to use W3C program. They show some errors. But I think, this error is fine. It is just <a> tag error. When I tested in all browser such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE, it was fine.


I tested red color and black color to use NWAX  tool. As a result, It was okay. Color contrast was very heavy. So most people can distinction easily.



15. 11. 2013

I made a video to use After effect. Today skill was masking.

Masking is punch a video. So we put the another video. It was fun. So I made horror video. The window is like a picture frame.

And I put the eyes video. So somebody looking for you life to use window. Like a doll’s house.


Frame store

Gravity is made of Framestore. They had long time for 5 years. They planed 2 years and made 3 years. It was very nice. I will see a movie when I go to Korea.

I went to Framestore. And I met Simon Whalley, He is executive producer. He works to 15 years in framestore. He started as a PA(Production Assistant ) and is now in charge of producing “TOONED”.

“The making of Gravity” historic development in special effects.  He said “80% of the film is CG”. It was very nice.  It looks real. They shoot just face and action. And put the video to motion graphic video.

The main tools used were:

  • MAYA ( 3D modelling and animation)
  • Houdini ( effects )
  • Nuke ( compositing live film and animation  together)
  • Arnold ( rendering engine, if we don’t use this tools and rendering video, maybe we will take time 7000years.)

James Cameron says Gravity is greatest science fiction film ever made.

Techniques used :

Motion capture

  • Camera matching
  • Robotic cameras
  • Greenscreening

20. 11. 2013

Today do

Today I made video controller to use javascript. My video will put street page. I will show All Season London Street Fashion.

And I think video controller function. Play button, Stop button, Volume controller,  Select bar. It was not easy work.


And It was played well.


You can select season, and see that time. This is my highlight function.

And I made video to use images. Music is license free music. I will put my video into my controller.